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Projecting your Screen

Step 1: Projecting Your Screen

Step 2: Enabling your Audio

When projecting a screen that includes sounds or audio, including videos, you may find that you are not hearing the audio playing. This is because when the HDMI cable is plugged in, your Chromebook by default attempts to send the audio signal through the HDMI cable as well. In most cases, you will not want this, rather, you will want to hear the audio through your Chromebook's speakers (or some externally connected speakers). The following guide will show you how to re-enable your audio sound through your Chromebook when projecting.

Step 1: Once you've accessed a site that should be playing music or sound, click the lower right hand corner to access your settings menu.

Step 2: Click the sound icon just to the right of the volume menu as shown.

step 1

Step 3: In the Output section, change the output to Speaker.


You're done! At this point, you should be hearing sound through your Chromebook. If you do not hear sound, please check the volume level of your Chromebook, the volume level of any external speakers you've connected, or even the volume of the video, track, or website your accessing in your browser.


Once connected, to make sure your Chromebook screen is the same as the image being projected ("mirroring"), use the following key combination. (Ctrl + the key right above the "5")