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Printing using a Chromebook

Method 1: Printing via PDF and USB


The simplest way of printing from a Chromebook involves opening the website or Google doc you wish to print, saving it as a PDF file to a portable USB drive, and then finally inserting the portable USB drive into a printer that has a USB port (like all the Toshibas at Cochran do) and printing the document.


Click here to access guide.

Method 2: Cloud Printing

christopher bettig-x-google cloud print-02

If you have a desktop computer in your classroom that is connected to a school Toshiba, and has Chrome running on it, you can use the following guide to set up "Cloud printing" on your Chromebook, which will allow you to print straight to the Chromebook (no USB drive or PDF saving necessary). Set up for printing via this method is slightly more complex, but once set up, it provides the fastest method of printing.


Click here to access guide.