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Why Folders


The beauty of Schoology is that it lets you organize your course into sections/areas by using folders. These folders can be organized any way that makes sense for your course.

 In some of  my courses I've set up folders in the main Course area based on:

  • Course Description
  • Course Materials

In the Course Description Folder, there is the syllabus, course calendar, parent letter
In the Course Materials Folder, I've separated it into sub-folders with WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3... and placed files, resources, assignments, etc. in each folder based on lesson plans. You could also base it on Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, ....

Schoology lets you build your course upfront; housing files, assessments, assignments, resources, and modify or adding as you go.


To create a materials Folder, use the 
Add Materials button located at the top of your course profile, then follow these steps:    

1. Select Add Folder in the Add Materials menu

2. Enter a Title and Description (optional). The description is displayed below the name of the folder on your course profile.  

3. Use the Publish upon creation checkbox to determine whether students may or may not view this  folder.

4. Click Create to complete.