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Parent Access Codes


Parents can have access to all of their child's courses, calendars, groups, etc.  without having their child's user name and password.  This allows the parents to view, but not participate in class discussions, submit assignments, and more.  

You can change access rights so they can, but it defaults to them having only view rights.  Teachers or Administrators need to download the access codes and get them to the parents.  The parents can then sign up for an account and associate themselves with their kid(s).  Here are the steps...

1) Go to your course/Group that you would like to generate codes from

2) Click on members (left side)

3) Then click on the "parent access codes" link on the right side and download

4) When you open the downloaded file you will find all parent access codes for students in your class

5) Distribute the codes to your parents and instruction them to do the following...

Note: Although parents will have one account, they will one access code per student per course.

1) Go to

2) Click on "sign up" then on "parent"

3) You are then prompted to enter the access code provided by your child's teacher, enter it.

4) Fill out the necessary information in the next step including a valid e-mail address

5) Now you are signed up to access your child's courses, groups, and other Schoology participation

Note: If you have multiple kids at Cochran, you can associate all of them to one parent account.  Once you are logged in to your parent account you will see a button on the right that says "add child."  Click there and enter other kids access codes.