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Editing Course Privacy Settings

Course Privacy Settings

The default in Schoology is to let created groups and courses open for anyone to be able to see course updates, added materials, class discussions, and more.  You will probably want to edit those privacy settings to fit the way you would like to set up your course or group. 

When editing these course options don't forget about the parents.  Parents that log on using their account can access and see everything that their child can access and see.  My suggestions for a group or course is to set materials, discussions, updates, and calendar so that only student and teachers that are in the roster of the class can see them.  

However, it is totally up to you how you want to set up your class or group.  Certain groups you may want to keep more open so anyone can see them.  Here is how you change these settings...
1) Go to your course or group homepage

2) Click on course/group options link on the left side

3) Then click on "edit privacy/course settings" and change your settings