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Editing Your Profile

Creating / Editing Profile

By creating or editing your profile, students and other Schoology members can access information about you. Like a profile you might have on a class website, this information could offer: contact information, interests, and credentials.
  1. FIND YOUR NAME at the top right of screen, and click
  2. On right side of screen you can:
  • CHANGE PROFILE PIC: Click on the picture and either choose one of the given avatars or attach/upload a personalized picture
  • UPDATES: give updates that are specific to you
  • INFO: offer information about yourself
  • BLOG: create or start a blog for others to follow

How Students or Others View Your Profile

If you want to know how your students can access your profile information OR how others in Schoology can access your profile information, they can CLICK on your name or your profile picture.
Editing Your Profile
How Students View Your Profile