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Submitting Lesson Plans Using a Chromebook

...or, if you'd prefer to read the step-by-step directions:

STEP 1: Connecting your Google Drive account to your Schoology Account (You must do this step first, but you only have to do it once, ever)

1. Select the Resources tab. Select Apps.Screenshot 2


2. Select Install Apps. Put a check next to Google Drive. Select Install.Screenshot 3

3. Click Connect to sign into your account.

Screenshot 4

4. Select your LAUSD account. If you do not see your LAUSD account, click Add Account.


5. Click Accept to give Schoology permission to receive any Google Drive files you send it.

Screenshot 6

6. You're done. You should see a list of your Google Drive files. You can also use this view to navigate between folders.

Screenshot 7

STEP 2: Uploading your Lesson Plan (You must do this each time you submit).

1. Click on the "assignment" you want to submit for. You can find it in the Upcoming section on the right side of the page, or in the Calendar section, found on the left side of the page.

Screenshot 8
   Screenshot 9

2. After clicking the assignment to view it, you may view any information, or files or links that have been included with the assignment. To submit your lesson plan, click "Submit Assignment".

Screenshot 10
3. Click Resources.

Screenshot 11
4. Select Apps. Make sure Google Drive is selected. Check the boxes for the lesson plan files you wish to submit (you can submit more than one document at once...for example, a lesson plan with a corresponding assessment. Please do not submit lesson plans for a different week in the given week's submission).Click Import. Click Import File.

Screenshot 12

5. Wait while your files upload.

Screenshot 13

6. You're done. At any time, you can resubmit an assignment or a lesson plan. The administrator will only see the most recently submitted lesson plan.

Screenshot 14